It’s My Birthday!!!!

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Well, I have made it to another year and I truly feel blessed.  I’ve had my challenges and my triumphs.  But, I can honestly say that this was a year of learning life lessons, digging deep to truly understanding myself and my interactions with others (which is what I think your 30’s are all about anyway).  It is a journey, this thing called life/wisdom, and I am glad that I get to travel this road.  It is mine and I own it with all of its beauty and faults.  As a single parent of two I find that my bad days always turn into  good days when one of my children does something silly or smiles or whatever.  They truly make a difference in my life in a positive way.  For so long I chased after the dream of a traditional family and held onto a relationship with their father for far too long but, while he was in and out, they were always there.  I am not sure how my life would have been if I did not have them, I can only assume–and remember what they say about assuming.  I know that I am a better person that they are here; they have kept me focused and grounded.  Children force you to really self-reflect and they peel through all of the layers.  So, although it is my birthday, I want to celebrate them.  They are my motivation, strength, blood, sweat, and tears.  They are my heart and I am rocking this thing called “Single Parenthood”!

Taking a Dip in the Talk Radio Pool by Star Brantley


Greetings, I am Star Brantley and I am the independent producer and  host of a talk-radio show titled “Own Your Joy“, based in Los Angeles, and accessible worldwide via internet. We cover topics on new age thought, positive thinking, wealth building, inspiration, and motivation, in an upbeat and uplifting hour-long segment. The goal of the shows platform is to uplift the heartbeat of the world and in doing so reaching over 92 countries worldwide. It is essential for us to remember who we are and stay empowered in following our dreams and aspirations no matter what.

How did I get started?

Ironically the passion for talking and outreach came from NOT having the liberty to do so growing up with particular people (family) that I wanted to reach the most. Emotionally those experiences put me in an isolated place that inadvertently became my biggest asset when it came to reaching people through the radio waves and receiving a response.  The initial “response” was the kicker, the adrenaline rush, the momentum it took to allow me to tap into my spirit self and have a moment of truth, the moment of “I love this”.  I have always being an avid talker and problem-solver amongst my peers; so it became second nature to me to get those attributes out via radio, a platform that allowed me to reach the familiar and unfamiliar people in one shot. Having time to find myself in the wonderful city of  Los Angeles, I never really found it in my nature to stick with formality or play-by-play rules when it came time to produce my show.  My thought process was, if comedians can be incognito, and just “wing it” on “stage” then why not me!!  Just let the natural energy of abundance, thinking, and mindset pour through my interviews, conversations, and interactions on air with callers. Naturally the unscripted magic would ensue.

What advice would I give to aspiring artists?

Truly, the heart of the message I would give to aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers, is what Nike said best and it holds ever so true…”Just Do It!” Do what you love and what feeds your spirit and without any resistance, the universe will find a way to gift you with everything you need, be it monetary physical, or emotional pushing you to the next level. Everything is Energy!!  And this folks is what we LOOOOVE to talk about!!

What are my goals for the radio platform? 

I am in pursuit of taking my program to the next level and in doing so, obtaining the support of nationwide sponsors, business owners, and big dreamers and big thinkers alike. Individually, through the use of our hearts and minds we can do, achieve, and be anything. TOGETHER we become most powerful. (Networking) Unity is the key.

My mantra is to “OWN YOUR JOY…ITS YOURS”

Peace, Love, and Joy, Joy, Joy!