Family Mantra

family mantra

In time for the holiday season and soon the beginning of a new year, I thought it may be a great idea for me to review my family mantra.  I created it at the beginning of 2012 and tried to purposefully stay on course with what I deem important for me and my family.  It is a great idea for you to create one for your family and start 2014 year off all on the same path.  As a single parent sometimes we don’t even think along these lines but raising our kids and living our daily lives, in our daily routines, should be purposeful.  We should never go through days, weeks, months and even years just living day by day and letting “things” happen to us.  We should be strategic in our mission to create a family that we can be proud of and that will give back to society in a positive way.  There are things that happen to us that are beyond our control but one thing that we can control is how we allow for our kids to interact with us and the world (to some degree) and how we interact with them.

I can’t remember where I got the idea for a family mantra, but I am sure that it came from some blog, book, or sermon that read or heard.  The important thing it is that I found it useful and enlightening.  It forced me to think about the footprint I want to leave on this earth and the way I that I can do this is through my children, my family.  You can even involve your children in the process and once it is created, have a dialogue explaining the reasons why you have certain things on the list.  This dialogue opens up a discussion that can prove to be most meaningful.  When children have a purpose, they feel a little more in control and focused on a clear destination.  This creates a sense of security and builds confidence.  You can think of this as taking your vision boards (mentioned in an earlier post) to the next level.

Below I have included my own family mantra and the great thing is as your family grows and outlooks change, you can change your mantra and continue to dialogue with your family as to why things have been added or taken away.

My Family Mantra:

  • To participate in educational activities together as a family whether that be discussions, museum trips, educational games, or creating things together.
  • Nurture each others creativity and individual talents.
  • Resurrect God in the household.
  • Live healthier than the year before.
  • Foster financial stability.
  • Build and maintain self-esteem, morals, and ethics.

You can type one up, add images, print it out, get it embroidered on cloth but whatever you do make it visible to those in your household and those who enter your household so there is never a question about what you deem important.  I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  Be safe and be thankful.

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Deal with a long commute?

CommuteAs I was driving to work today, I realized how much I appreciate my fairly new, shorter commute. I used to travel over 3 hours both ways to and from work. I was able to reduce that to an hour to and from work and now I am down to 15 minutes! I look back at that time and wonder what I could have done with all of that time. Of course, I came up with a list that I’d like to share to maybe make someone else’s commute more productive.

1. Learn a language– Can anyone say Rosetta Stone?
2. Listen to a book on tape– Preferrable classical literature. This would be a great time to catch up on some of those titles that you skimmed over in high school.
3. Learn new skills– pop in a cd and learn about meditation, sociology, marketing.
4. Inspire yourself– Do you dream of owning your own business? Get some Ted Talks downloaded to your iPod and play them through your radio.
5. Got young kids in the car? – inspire them and play motivational speeches, books on CD, or learn that new language with them.
6. Have tweens or high schooler’s in the car? – turn off everything (including your cellphone) and listen to them. Have some heart-to-hearts and just…listen.

I look back on all of those hours jamming to music or chatting on the phone (using my bluetooth of course) and look at it as time wasted. Who could I be today if I had used that time more productively? How much more secure and close can you and your kiddo be, if you make that time about them? This is a short list but, I would love to hear some other suggestions. Don’t be afraid to share.

Feeling Lonely

Yesterday morning I woke up with what seemed like the weight of the world on my chest.  I couldn’t breathe because I felt utterly lonely and scared.  This could have been brought on by the nightmare I had that night but needless to say it rocked my world for some hours.  I had to calm myself down and realize that it is impossible to be lonely when you have two children.  I started to think about how I might grow old without a companion.  That’s what it was that was plaguing me!  I was alone,without a companion.  It took me some time to work through these feelings as anxiety set in and then very slowly receded.  I started thinking about my readers who at some point have or will feel the same way.  What advice can I offer and remember I am not board certified.  Here is what I came up with:

Never Alone
Never Alone

1. This feeling is temporary even if it may come and go in spurts.

2.  Do not let a dream/nightmare/false reality keep you in a place of continuous despair.

3.  Find “fullness” in yourself.

4.  Make yourself happy.

5.  Remember that when you leave this earth, you want your kids to know that you were the best parent that you could be and not that you were always depressed because they weren’t enough and you didn’t plan your life this way.

6.  Plans are laughable because life is just a bunch of random circumstances (don’t agree, respond to this post)

7.  Do what you love and continue to do it until it wrings every drop of loneliness out of you.

8.  Know that this too shall pass and we never know what the future holds.

9.  Don’t give up on yourself because your kids haven’t given up on you.

10.  Be there for you!!!

I feel a lot better now because I decided that this feeling will not get the best of me.  I will parent and write and create and parent and write and create because that is what cures my anxiety.  What does it for you?  How do you tackle these moments?

Taking a Dip in the Talk Radio Pool by Star Brantley


Greetings, I am Star Brantley and I am the independent producer and  host of a talk-radio show titled “Own Your Joy“, based in Los Angeles, and accessible worldwide via internet. We cover topics on new age thought, positive thinking, wealth building, inspiration, and motivation, in an upbeat and uplifting hour-long segment. The goal of the shows platform is to uplift the heartbeat of the world and in doing so reaching over 92 countries worldwide. It is essential for us to remember who we are and stay empowered in following our dreams and aspirations no matter what.

How did I get started?

Ironically the passion for talking and outreach came from NOT having the liberty to do so growing up with particular people (family) that I wanted to reach the most. Emotionally those experiences put me in an isolated place that inadvertently became my biggest asset when it came to reaching people through the radio waves and receiving a response.  The initial “response” was the kicker, the adrenaline rush, the momentum it took to allow me to tap into my spirit self and have a moment of truth, the moment of “I love this”.  I have always being an avid talker and problem-solver amongst my peers; so it became second nature to me to get those attributes out via radio, a platform that allowed me to reach the familiar and unfamiliar people in one shot. Having time to find myself in the wonderful city of  Los Angeles, I never really found it in my nature to stick with formality or play-by-play rules when it came time to produce my show.  My thought process was, if comedians can be incognito, and just “wing it” on “stage” then why not me!!  Just let the natural energy of abundance, thinking, and mindset pour through my interviews, conversations, and interactions on air with callers. Naturally the unscripted magic would ensue.

What advice would I give to aspiring artists?

Truly, the heart of the message I would give to aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers, is what Nike said best and it holds ever so true…”Just Do It!” Do what you love and what feeds your spirit and without any resistance, the universe will find a way to gift you with everything you need, be it monetary physical, or emotional pushing you to the next level. Everything is Energy!!  And this folks is what we LOOOOVE to talk about!!

What are my goals for the radio platform? 

I am in pursuit of taking my program to the next level and in doing so, obtaining the support of nationwide sponsors, business owners, and big dreamers and big thinkers alike. Individually, through the use of our hearts and minds we can do, achieve, and be anything. TOGETHER we become most powerful. (Networking) Unity is the key.

My mantra is to “OWN YOUR JOY…ITS YOURS”

Peace, Love, and Joy, Joy, Joy!


First Day of #TeachersWrite

typewriter-chapter-oneToday is the first day of #TeachersWrite which is a cohort of lovers of words that are getting together to nudge each other along on their writing journey’s. I was so excited for this day because I have been looking for a community of like-minded individuals (check out Kate Messner and Jo Knowles). I have been sitting on a couple of stories for a while now ( I will not even go into how awhile is). But, there is one that has been nudging me the hardest. It is always there in the back of my mind whispering to me phrases the main character (MC) would say. It pops up in social situations very randomly and I have to fidget around to get out one of my many notebooks to write something down that will be important to the story. The only problem is that I have let life get in the way and I have not sat down to keep writing past the first two chapters. Bits and pieces of other chapters are written but they are not fleshed out. The reader will not understand the true depth of the relationships between the characters. So, this summer along with obtaining photography for my poetry book, I will sit down and continue to write (if not complete) this YA work of fiction. Wish me luck!