It has been a few months and I have a very good reason for not posting. Wait for it…. I completed my MBA in┬ámarketing and wrapped up the end of another middle school year. Oh yeah, I also planned a christening for my youngest. I have so much to share because although I wasn’t posting, it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t writing. I’ve come up with a list of blog topics that can carry me through the remainder of the year and maybe into the beginning of next year. I also, wrote up a post and will edit that tomorrow before posting it tomorrow night. In the midst of all my “happenings”, I’ve been dealing with breaking soul ties (meant for a later discussion) with my children’s father. You know they always tend to pop back up. ┬áSo, I plan on being transparent about that situation and maybe providing someone else some insight into their own circumstances.

Although, this is not a real post and I plan on posting tomorrow, I just could not resist communicating with my followers and the blog itself. So I will chat with you later.