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This past weekend I decided to take my 10 year-old daughter to see the movie Mirror Mirror.  Since, I have had my son, it has been hard to spend quality time with just my daughter.  She has been such a good sport about it, that I had to reward her.  So, all weekend long we did things together like walk around the neighborhood (she rode her bike), chill at the bookstore (she had to get Hunger Games because the movie is coming out and Liam is “sooooo cuuute”), cook-out ( I burnt the first batch of jerk chicken), and go to the movies.  I really enjoy any time that I get to spend with my daughter because she loves mommy’s attention and I love learning more and more about the person she is developing into.

So, onto the movie.  Julia Roberts was phenomenal in her role as the wicked step-mother in Mirror Mirror.  The “Snow White”was a beautiful actress whom was appropriately cast for the role.  I think the thing that I appreciated most about the movie was the lesson learned or should I say taught to my daughter.  The lesson is that everyone has strength within and we are our only hindrance.  Sometimes environment and circumstances prohibit an accurate portrayal of our inner strength but, it is there waiting to be tapped into.  And sometimes the limitations are just within our minds.  This lesson hit home for me, because sometimes I do not accept freelance assignments or even try for them because I feel that I may disappoint myself or the business/person that I would work for.  I have since, changed this mindset and recognize my many talents and go after any opportunity that I may qualify for.

We started off with face painting in the lobby of the theatre and ended up enjoying a movie with great casting, excellent creativity, awesome graphics,humor that appealed to both myself and my 10 year old daughter, and a lesson learned for the both of us.  All-in-all it was a terrific weekend.

Author: singlewritermama

This single, writer, mama is all about living life to the fullest and realizing her dreams. My pursuit of making a living as a writer from home so that I can do what I love while spending more time with my kids is the biggest dream that I have. My journey is not unusual but, my experiences are unique. I'm learning new things everyday, strengthening my spirit, and having a fun time while doing so. I just want to take you along for the ride. Maybe we can share and grow together.

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