Quality Time

So, as we all know, there is an economic crisis going on and tried to share this with my daughter.  She’s 10.  Obviously, you know how well that conversation went over.  Anyway, last weekend she decided that she just wanted to go “window shopping”.  This led us to Nordstrom where she took off in high pursuit of the trendiest gear (read: expensive) that she could put her hands on.  I gently reminded her that I did not bring any money because we were just window shopping.  To this she replied “Well, can I try these on at least?”  I nodded my head in resignation and followed her into the dressing room.  She actually looked cute in the outfits she had picked out until I started scrutinizing the price tags.  Wow!!!!  She was enjoying herself so, I didn’t say anything.  Since, I’ve been pregnant and cranky at times, I have been trying to spend more quality time with my little girl so that she doesn’t feel left out.  Being a single parent, I know that she may be a little worried that the new kid on the block may take her place.  This guilt had me hypnotized as I put the items on hold and told her I would get them the following weekend when I got paid.  Yesterday, was the day and do you think she forgot.  Nope!  She kindly called me from her grandma’s house (she is staying there this weekend while I move us) and reminded me about the clothes.  All I can do is thank God that I worked the extra hours and when I purchased the items, I didn’t go into a panic attack.  Here’s to quality time.

Author: singlewritermama

This single, writer, mama is all about living life to the fullest and realizing her dreams. My pursuit of making a living as a writer from home so that I can do what I love while spending more time with my kids is the biggest dream that I have. My journey is not unusual but, my experiences are unique. I'm learning new things everyday, strengthening my spirit, and having a fun time while doing so. I just want to take you along for the ride. Maybe we can share and grow together.

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